Due to the limited nature of our products all sales are final.

We do not accept returns unless the item is defective or flawed.

Is my item defective or flawed?

Please note that these items are handmade. Therefore the items will slightly vary in placement, embroidery, and even the button spacing may be slightly different. This is not considered a flaw or defective piece. 

An example of a  flaw or deflective product would be a hole in the outfit or lace being sewn on upside down. If you are unsure if your item is defective please contact us for clarification. 

What do I do if my item is defective or flaw?

If you received a defective or flawed item please email us at within 7 days of delivery.

Please include your order number as well as photos of the defect or flaw and a member of our team will reach out to you within 24-48 hours and provide you with a shipping label to return the item.

Please note the item must be NEW, if the item appears to be wore it will not be refunded or exchanged.

If you are unable to print a shipping label and need to ship at the post office please send us a picture of the receipt and we will refund you the shipping cost.

Please also note that all defective or flawed items must be shipped to us within 3 business days of reporting the item as flawed or defective. 

When will I get my new item or refund?

Once the item is received by our team we will inspect the item and notify you that we have received it. We will then send you a replacement item if available however if none are available we will refund your order.

Your refund will be processed as soon as possible but please allow at least 3 business days for it to be processed.